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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontemptiblecon‧temp‧ti‧ble /kənˈtemptəbəl/ adjective literary 🔊 🔊 BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSnot deserving any respect at all syn despicable 🔊 They were portrayed as contemptible cowards.
Examples from the Corpus
contemptibleThe union's tactics were contemptible.He is very sober too, and bears a good moral character; and he is laughable, but not contemptible.And the whole affair will be one more contemptible insult to a people on whose lands we are uninvited guests.I think he is a contemptible mean child.By the 1880s it had come to mean a contemptible person.These men came home to households where they were not only strangers, but contemptible strangers.Self-pity is a totally contemptible vice and I have throughout many vicissitudes and much unmerited disappointment avoided it as a plague.You are a worthless and contemptible woman.
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