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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontemptuouscon‧temp‧tu‧ous /kənˈtemptʃuəs/ adjective  HATEshowing that you think someone or something deserves no respect syn scornful a contemptuous glancecontemptuous of He was openly contemptuous of his father.contemptuously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
contemptuousShe would even have preferred more of his contemptuous accusations to this present chilling remoteness.In this detention centre, contemptuous and inhuman attitudes have hardened into set rules.a contemptuous attitudeWatching that fair, contemptuous face he thought how well he knew the type from his own school.Remove Goblin casualties with a deliberately contemptuous gesture or casual lack of concern if it makes you feel better.The clerk throws me a contemptuous look, then does the search.He was openly contemptuous of supply-side theories.Successful engineering students tended to be contemptuous of the work habits of lesser mortals.It is frequently instilled at a delicate age, as a result of the internalization of a contemptuous voice, usually parental.openly contemptuousHe was openly contemptuous of supply-side theories.Until recently, Dole was openly contemptuous of the supply side economics espoused by Kemp and other conservatives.
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