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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontentedcon‧tent‧ed /kənˈtentɪd/ adjective  HAPPYSATISFIEDhappy and satisfied because your life is good opp discontented I felt warm, cosy, and contented. They lapsed into a contented silence.see thesaurus at happycontentedly adverb He smiled contentedly.
Examples from the Corpus
contentedHe seems to be getting more contented as he gets older.This contented canine's living it up.It crouched there, as snug as a contented cat, catching the sunshine full on its face.a purring, contented catAll are contented, happy, fit and well.From a starving stray it was transformed into a contented house cat.They sat in silence, eating, drinking, two amiable and contented men.I'm pretty contented now.Here, in highly compelling fashion, the social convenience of the contented replaces the clearly visible reality.With a contented sigh, he lost himself in a colourful reverie of big business deals and boardroom power games.William realised that he should feel contented with his lot, but he was not.We spent ten contented years together.
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