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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontentscontents[plural] a) IN/INSIDEthe things that are inside a box, bag, room etccontents of The customs official rummaged through the contents of his briefcase. Most of the gallery’s contents were damaged in the fire.contents insurance (=insurance for things such as furniture that you have in your house) b) TCNIN/INSIDEthe things that are written in a letter, book etccontents of She kept the contents of the letter a secret. The program automatically creates a table of contents (=a list at the beginning of a document that shows the different parts into which it is divided). He cast his eye down the contents page. content
Examples from the Corpus
contents pageThe new contents pages set the pattern of a project to increase the quantity and range of information and entertainment.They include the use of contents pages, index and glossary.Same thing affected the Prodraw review, and the contents page was printed by the time its new position had been determined.First I looked at the contents page; 19 review, not bad in these recession-stricken times.Masthead details of publisher and editorial staff usually printed on the contents page.I look over the contents page.The contents page of the journal will always be freely accessible.
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