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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontextualcon‧tex‧tu‧al /kənˈtekstʃuəl/ AWL adjective [usually before noun]  SITUATIONrelating to a particular contextcontextual information/factors etccontextually adverb
Examples from the Corpus
contextualThey indicate the relationship of utterances in the mind or in the world and are thus in a way contextual.We choose the most likely meaning for it from the world, and in this case the meaning is contextual.Again, we see the surprisingly pervasive role that presumptions of contextual appropriateness play in successful communication.This would constitute information - data plus a contextual framework allowing a larger picture to be revealed.contextual informationUnderlying these questions are contextual issues of relevance and motivation.Notice that the principle of contextual plausibility allows legitimacy to expressions which arise in the contrived contexts of the classroom.In this respect, the basic criterion for normality is not actual occurrence but contextual plausibility.The anthropological excursion which they undertook was there to show the arbitrariness, the contextual, relative nature of these concepts.contextual information/factors etcHuman readers usually have little difficulty with most types of ambiguity, since they can effortlessly apply a variety of contextual information.Subjects were given varying amounts of contextual information.The only way for correct recognition to be achieved in such situations is by the use of additional contextual information.What is at issue is the way different uses of language realize the complementary relationship between linguistic resources and contextual factors.We need now to examine the role of contextual factors directly and in more detail.All the contextual information is lost.These various approaches have a number of problems, and it was established that contextual information is necessary in addition to a pattern recogniser.It alerts one to the importance of contextual factors such as those relating to the institution's regulations, resources and ethos.
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