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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontinuancecon‧tin‧u‧ance /kənˈtɪnjuəns/ noun [singular, uncountable] formal  the state of continuing for a long period of time the continuance in power of the Nationalist Party
Examples from the Corpus
continuanceLast month's elections saw a continuance in power of the country's socialist party.Most felonies are first addressed in Municipal Court for arraignments, continuance matters and preliminary hearings.That provision in itself does not guarantee continuance in post until age 65.On the Day of Pachatata and Pachamama, you too might pray for its continuance.I certainly regarded the continuance of child benefit as very uncertain, and I still regard it as uncertain.We were committed to the continuance of Britain's nuclear programme.His ministers depended on his favour for their continuance in office.
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