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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontinuedcon‧tin‧ued /kənˈtɪnjuːd/ adjective [only before noun]  CONTINUE/NOT STOPcontinuing to happen or exist for a long time, or happening many times threats to the continued existence of the species continued press speculation
Examples from the Corpus
continuedThe organic movement has always fought for the continued availability of unpasteurised milk.Any attempt at continued demarcation is impossible once the courts move to a theory of extensive review.The continued domination of the east coast ports is shown in Table 7.1.The continued failure of the negotiations means that there will be no peace settlement before the winter.This provides a firm basis for the new interest in evaluation and an earnest desire for its continued growth.How, therefore, did principal carers view the dementia sufferer's continued home care?I can only most fervently wish for your continued success.The only sound in the room was the continued throb of rock music from the flat above.
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