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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontouredcon‧toured /ˈkɒntʊəd $ ˈkɑːntʊrd/ adjective  1 SHAPEa contoured surface or object has been made with curves in it contoured seats2 SHAPEcontoured land has some parts higher than others
Examples from the Corpus
contouredTry to anticipate what the ball will do, especially if the greens are contoured.The jacket is slightly contoured.To overcome this problem one enterprising manufacturer now produces narrow contoured baskets which fit snugly on to the shelves of all popular designs.The boots are suede-lined and have a thin contoured footbed.a smoothly contoured golf courseThe members say their beautifully contoured greens are the best in Norfolk.It consisted of a contoured handgrip fitted with a top-mounted fire button and a side mounted pause control.Sleeping on a contoured pillow will achieve the same effect if you prefer sleeping on foam rather than feathers.A white T-shirt clung faithfully to the contoured steel of his pectoral muscles.Of these elongated seats those contoured to give good support to the thighs and buttocks were most popular.
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