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contradict yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontradict yourselfcontradict yourselfOPPOSITE/REVERSEto say something that is the opposite of what you said before Within five minutes he had contradicted himself twice. contradict
Examples from the Corpus
contradict yourselfI can tell if some one contradicts themselves 39.As far as restarting the musical life in Vienna was concerned, we had the problem that the occupying forces often contradicted each other.To Greg she didn't seem to be making much sense - saying whatever came first into her head and contradicting herself.Where they contradicted each other in inessential points there might be room for debate and uncertainty.Could you try to contradict yourself a little less?Not, does it matter if the writer contradicts himself; but, does it matter what colour they are anyway?You couldn't help but contradict yourself from time to time.During questioning, Robinson contradicted himself several times.It imputes to Proust's text the ability to contradict itself without intervention.
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