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1 noun
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con‧trast1 W2
1 [uncountable and countable] a difference between people, ideas, situations, things etc that are being compared:
While there are similarities in the two cultures, there are also great contrasts.
contrast between
the economic and social contrasts between the poor and the rich
contrast with
The marble is smooth and polished, making a strong contrast with the worn stonework around it.
by contrast (to/with)
The birth rate for older women has declined, but, by contrast, births to teenage mothers have increased.
in contrast (to/with)
The stock lost 60 cents a share, in contrast to last year, when it gained 21 cents.
(in) stark/marked/sharp etc contrast to something
The winter heatwave in California is a stark contrast to the below-freezing temperatures on the East Coast.
The spirited mood on Friday was in sharp contrast to the tense atmosphere last week.
The approach to learning at this school stands in marked contrast to the traditional methods used at other schools nearby.
2 [countable] something that is very different from something else:
The sauce is quite sweet, so add dried thyme as a contrast.
contrast to
The red stems of this bush provide a contrast to the drab brown of the winter garden.
3 [uncountable]TCB the degree of difference between the light and dark parts of a television picture, X-ray, photocopy etc:
This button adjusts the contrast.
The chemical heightens contrast between different kinds of tissue in the breast.
4 [uncountable]AV the differences in colour, or between light and dark, that an artist uses in paintings or photographs to make a particular effect:
The artist has used contrast marvelously in his paintings.

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