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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontrastingcon‧tras‧ting /kənˈtrɑːstɪŋ $ -ˈtræs-/ AWL adjective  DIFFERENTtwo or more things that are contrasting are different from each other, especially in a way that is interesting or attractive a blue shirt with a contrasting collar
Examples from the Corpus
contrastingNow consider three contrasting experiments with such a piece of apparatus.The village lies in the heart of Winifred Holtby country, between the main Wolds area and the contrasting lowlands of Holderness.Wear the jacket and skirt with contrasting pieces for a different look.The body is heavy and fairly thickset, and the contrasting skin surface markings consist of zigzag or diamond-shaped patterns.The port had two sharply contrasting social divides, on either side of the harbour.How long should the contrasting third sentence be?Knee-high stockings come with contrasting turn-back cuff.The two other main functions concerned contrasting ways of judging and ordering these perceptions.Related to perception were two strongly contrasting ways of taking in and becoming aware of what was happening.
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