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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontrollablecon‧trol‧la‧ble /kənˈtrəʊləbəl $ -ˈtroʊl-/ adjective  CONTROLable to be controlled Diabetes is a serious but controllable disease.
Examples from the Corpus
controllableBehaviour is observed and measured from the outside, and propositions about behavioural patterns are readily testable and controllable.Some facets are predictable and, therefore, controllable.The best results are obtained from watercolours, oils being less clean and controllable.The situation was only just controllable, but it seemed that we might get to bed before midnight without being beaten up.These sources of exposure are potentially controllable by regulation or other government intervention.The propellant flow rates were controllable either manually or via the on-board computer system.There are many controllable factors in sleep that can counter the effects of changing hormones.It's cleverer and more controllable than gamma correction and easier than struggling with brightness / contrast or tonal curves.
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