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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontroversycon‧tro‧ver‧sy /ˈkɒntrəvɜːsi, kənˈtrɒvəsi $ ˈkɑːntrəvɜːrsi/ ●●○ AWL noun (plural controversies) [countable, uncountable]  DISAGREEa serious argument about something that involves many people and continues for a long time a political controversy the controversy surrounding Skinner’s theoriescause/provoke/arouse controversy The judges’ decision provoked controversy.controversy over/about the controversy over campaign-finance issues Controversy arose (=began) over the use of the chemicals on crops.COLLOCATIONSadjectivespolitical/religious controversyThe agreement attracted a lot of political controversy.public controversy (=among the ordinary people of a country)His book sparked off a public controversy about the issue.great/major controversyThat decision was the second major controversy of the prime minister's career.fierce controversy (=very great)This question has been at the centre of a fierce controversy.bitter controversy (=involving very angry feelings)The strike was called off, amid bitter controversy.a lot of controversyThere's been a lot of controversy about the term 'victim'.verbscause controversyHis speech caused great controversy.arouse/provoke/excite controversy (=cause it)Locke aroused considerable controversy with his suggestion.spark (off) controversy (=cause it)The new rules are likely to spark more controversy.fuel controversy (=add to it)England's manager fuelled controversy with his criticism of the referee.be dogged by controversy (=cause controversy in a way that is a problem)Even before it was introduced, the system was dogged by controversy.be embroiled in a controversy (=be involved in one)A film company became embroiled in a controversy over the title of one of its movies.be surrounded by controversyThe circumstances of her death were surrounded by controversy.avoid controversySo far, the scheme has avoided controversy.controversy surrounds somethingthe controversy surrounding modern farming methodscontroversy arisesSome controversy arose over the safety of the vaccination.phrasesa matter/subject of controversyThe right age to vote is a matter of controversy.a storm of controversySince its release, the film has met a storm of controversy.the centre of a controversyThe idea became the centre of a bitter controversy.
Examples from the Corpus
controversyControversy surrounds the TV show, which many consider to be racist, sexist, and homophobic.These issues are still the basis for debate and controversy.It was in the International Amphitheatre, and there had been a big controversy about it.There has been a huge controversy over where to put the city's new sports stadium and who should build it.He resigned Tuesday after months of controversy.Dahl's letter to "The Times" provoked controversy.Still, the press jumped on the pygmy owl angle, splashing headlines about the controversy across the top of both dailies.Though angry, both sides quickly sought to defuse the controversy.Rather than ending divisions in the Labour Party, the controversies of 1935 mark the beginning of a new period of prolonged disunity.They react to the latest discoveries with blasé aplomb, remaining unruffled by theological controversy.controversy over/aboutIt is a controversy over the issues of risk versus efficacy.There has long been controversy over who invented the travellers cheque.Snow was involved in a whiff of controversy about some experimental results obtained in the 1930s.But his officials are stirring up their own controversy over social policy.Television and media have come under increasing pressure from the government not to publicise controversies about military and security matters.Introduction Prior to the recent controversy over the transfer of arms, little international attention was devoted to Sierra Leone.The Singlaub episode created a political storm, deepening the controversy over the withdrawal plan.
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