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convalescent home

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconvalescent homeˌconvaˈlescent ˌhome (also convalescent hospital) noun [countable]  a place where people stay when they need care from doctors and nurses, but are not sick enough to be in a hospitalnursing home
Examples from the Corpus
convalescent homeThey may therefore benefit from a period in a convalescent home if this can be arranged.Therefore, you must arrange with the hospital for a place in a convalescent home for the post-operative phase.I was told I should go to a convalescent home to complete my recovery.She had gone to a convalescent home in Bournemouth.She also helped set up a convalescent home for patients from the East End after the cholera epidemic of 1867.Crawley should be out of the convalescent home shortly and he could carry her downstairs.
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