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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconveniencecon‧ve‧ni‧ence /kənˈviːniəns/ ●●○ noun  1 [uncountable]CONVENIENT the quality of being suitable or useful for a particular purpose, especially by making something easier or saving you time Ready meals sell well because of their convenience.the convenience of doing something Most of us like the convenience of using credit cards to buy things.for convenience For convenience, the German translation is printed below.2 [uncountable]CONVENIENT what is easiest and best for a particular personat somebody’s convenience (=at a time that is best and easiest for someone) These meals can be prepared in advance, and served at your convenience.for somebody’s convenience For your convenience, the bank is open until 7 p.m. Services should be run to suit the convenience of the customer, not the staff.3 [countable]USEFUL something that is useful because it saves you time or means that you have less work to do The supermarket offers a bag-packing service, as a convenience to customers. a hotel with all the modern conveniences4 at your earliest convenience5 [countable usually plural] (also public convenience) formalTOILET a public toilet6 a marriage of convenience
Examples from the Corpus
convenienceThey selected 166 convenience foods for cost comparisons with home prepared counterparts.He sits in front of a convenience store and asks customers for quarters.The new Accord station wagon offers safety and convenience.Some people might be tempted by convenience.The D metric is a computational convenience.In these experiments, humans were used for convenience, because they're good at following directions.No inmate, however, was to be confined at night without being provided with a bed and other conveniences.Being able to pay bills over the Internet is a real convenience.People are willing to pay higher rent for the convenience of living near mass transit.The convenience of the high trees!the convenience of doing somethingHelping me in my mission is the convenience of central Antwerp.In short, if you are in the hospital for the convenience of the staff, be a good patient.Likewise with the convenience of a Cue Cat.Lloyds too is a substantial merchant acquirer and was the first to offer the convenience of processing both Visa and Mastercard vouchers.Or the convenience of an importer's warehouse in Essex.She caused a few titters when she said she'd held the court in the church for the convenience of all parties.That is for the convenience of visitors.The many dioramas have steps in front of them for the convenience of youngsters.suit the convenience ofServices should be run to suit the convenience of customers, not of staff.modern conveniencesContrary to modem popular opinion these were splendid ships with excellent accommodation and many modern conveniences for both crew and passengers.Like Povoado de Jose Valerio, most of the villages know no modern conveniences.The lack of modern conveniences does not reflect an unusual form of asceticism.In this process, the use of modern conveniences, techniques, when required, are not denied.The nuns do not, as a matter of religious conviction, use such modern conveniences, but city bureaucrats were implacable.We can accommodate anywhere from 20 to more than 300 people, with all the modern conveniences.I don't want to give up modern conveniences such as my computer or garage door opener.
From Longman Business Dictionaryconveniencecon‧ve‧ni‧ence /kənˈviːniəns/ adjective convenience foods/meals/goods food products that are made and packed in a way that makes them very quick and easy to usethe growth in sales of frozen convenience meals see also flag of convenience
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