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conversantcon‧ver‧sant /kənˈvɜːsənt $ -ɜːr-/ adjective [not before noun]  1 formalKNOW something having knowledge or experience of somethingconversant with Staff members are conversant with the issues.2 American EnglishSLLSPEAK A LANGUAGE able to hold a conversation in a foreign language, but not able to speak it perfectlyconversant in Kim was conversant in Russian.
Examples from the Corpus
conversantBut most of all she did her homework, poring over position papers so she could be conversant on the issues.It was also inevitable that such an innovator would come from within the industry and be fully conversant with all its conventions.At a rational level, and fully conversant with contraceptive methods, they know their fear is unwarranted.Candidates should be conversant with international economic and financial issues and have practical experience using personal computers.Most of us are conversant with modems, microchips, and software packages.They also need to be conversant with the main developments taking place in further and continuing education.Havel, an intellectual with many contacts in the West, is conversant with various analyses of modern and postmodern conditions.She was extremely suspicious, but gracious, delighted to find so many bright and conversant women interested in meeting her.conversant withAre you fully conversant with the facts of the case?conversant inEban is conversant in 10 languages.
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