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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconversationalcon‧ver‧sa‧tion‧al /ˌkɒnvəˈseɪʃənəl◂ $ ˌkɑːnvər-/ adjective  1 TALK TO somebodya conversational style, phrase etc is informal and commonly used in conversation The article was written in straightforward, almost conversational language.2 TALK TO somebodyrelating to conversation lessons in conversational Germanconversationally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
conversationalBut what is the source of these maxims of conversational behaviour?Having noted this, the figures for Anderson's turn-length are worth examining as evidence of change in his conversational behaviour.There are few conversational gambits in discussions or meetings.She could do nothing but batten down the conversational hatches and wait until the storm blew itself out.It is this kind of inference that Grice dubs an implicature, or more properly a conversational implicature.Some software is therefore designed to run in conversational mode.Discontent in women interested him; it gave him a conversational opening, a place to plant his seeds of compassion.a class in conversational Spanish.Its tragic revelations are presented in a quiet, conversational style which hides deep emotions.McGovern lectures in a conversational style.
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