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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconversationalistcon‧ver‧sa‧tion‧al‧ist /ˌkɒnvəˈseɪʃənəlɪst $ ˌkɑːnvər-/ noun [countable]  TALK TO somebodysomeone who talks about intelligent, amusing, and interesting things
Examples from the Corpus
conversationalistHe's a needler, an observer, a conversationalist who will sit around all afternoon and talk about the game.Have your best conversationalists around to tea or dinner and Richard would wipe the floor with them.I found them to be cheerful, reassuring old men, and delightful conversationalists.Polly described herself as a feminist, a socialist and an anarchist, which of course made her an extremely dull conversationalist.He was an exuberant conversationalist, and I surrendered in silence to his narratives, feeling so awkward about presenting my own.Frank was a stimulating conversationalist with up-to-date views on current topics.He is a formidable reader and a talented conversationalist with a gift for listening.Steve's a talented conversationalist with a gift for listening.
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