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convertercon‧vert‧er, convertor /kənˈvɜːtə $ -ˈvɜːrtər/ noun [countable]  TIa piece of equipment that changes the form of something, especially so that it can be more easily used a converter that allows you to view digital television on your old TV catalytic converter
Examples from the Corpus
converterCable TV subscribers get a converter that unscrambles the pictures.We worry about buying a new television or, at the very least, a converter box for our current set.People must buy either a new digital television or a converter box to use with their old set.It will also be possible to buy converter boxes, estimated to cost $ 200.Presently, the V-chip sits in a set-top box akin to a cable converter.Anoraks will remember the McLaren went faster but that was without power-sapping catalytic converters.Examples used to illustrate the theme included photographic film and a sectioned catalytic converter.In addition to better economy, diesel cars use cheaper fuel and are no less environmentally-friendly than petrol-engined models fitted with catalytic converters.Well, unless there is some kind of converter that I can get.
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