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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconvexcon‧vex /ˌkɒnˈveks◂, kən-, ˈkɒnveks $ ˌkɑːnˈveks◂, kən-, ˈkɑːnveks/ adjective  BENDcurved outwards, like the surface of the eye opp concave a convex lens a convex mirrorconvexly adverbconvexity /kənˈveksəti/ noun [countable, uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
convexThe face was in inverse relief, with the features concave rather than convex, as for a mold.The ventral arm plates are pentagonal, the distal edge is convex but indented in the middle.The ventral arm plates are wider than long, pentagonal with an obtuse proximal angle and a slightly convex distal edge.In convex economies these features do not pose existence problems.They present convex outlines in plan whether they are simple or compound deltas, composed virtually of a series of sub-deltas.The convex side is pointed toward the enemy.At each side is a loop or scroll handle that had been soldered to the convex sides.This hypothesis generates an infinite set of indifference curves which are convex to the L axis.
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