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con‧vic‧tion W3
1 [countable] a very strong belief or opinion
religious/political etc convictions
a woman of strong political convictions
deep/strong conviction
The Dotens have a deep conviction that marriage is for life.
conviction that
The students possess the conviction that they can make a difference to their community.
2 [uncountable] the feeling of being sure about something and having no doubts
with/without conviction
He was able to say with conviction that he had changed.
'No,' she said, without conviction.
It was a reasonable explanation, but his voice lacked conviction.
It took her so much effort to speak that what she said carried great conviction (=showed she felt sure of what she said).
3 [uncountable and countable]SCL a decision in a court of law that someone is guilty of a crime, or the process of proving that someone is guilty [≠ acquittal]:
They had no previous convictions.
Applicants are checked for criminal convictions.
conviction for
This was her third conviction for theft.
the trial and conviction of Jimmy Malone

➔ have the courage of your convictions

at courage (2)

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