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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconvincedcon‧vinced /kənˈvɪnst/ ●●○ AWL adjective  1 [not before noun]SURE feeling certain that something is true Molly agreed, but she did not sound very convinced.be convinced (that) I was convinced that we were doing the right thing.convinced of Researchers are convinced of a genetic cause for the disease.firmly/totally/fully etc convinced Herschel was firmly convinced of the possibility of life on other planets.see thesaurus at sure2 convinced Muslim/Christian etc
Examples from the Corpus
convincedDetectives are convinced 30-year-old Elizabeth battled bravely for her life and tried to escape by fleeing in her boyfriend's four-wheel-drive truck.We've had no news of him, but we're convinced he's still alive.Brown's wife was convinced of his innocence.She became convinced that her boyfriend was seeing someone else.He remains convinced that it is imperative to work hard on his swing.The more Renee Henry learnt about the therapy, the more she became convinced that it was right for her.If this Elisa woman really was Elsie - and he was convinced that she was - how he envied her.Many, particularly among the younger deputies, were convinced that something radical had to be done.I was immediately convinced that this was the guy.So much so that they are convinced that very many of the problems that they deal with are unemployment related.firmly/totally/fully etc convincedAlthough he was subjected to ridicule by his colleagues, he remained firmly convinced.We do not seek for all to be totally convinced.It was a strange action by some one totally convinced he was in the right.You see, I've always been firmly convinced that I was homosexual.I am firmly convinced that it was Harold Wilson's poor judgement in relation to certain advisers that damaged his record as Prime Minister.But sir, I am not fully convinced whether it must be I that forgive you or you me.
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