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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconvincingcon‧vinc‧ing /kənˈvɪnsɪŋ/ ●●○ AWL adjective  1 BELIEVEmaking you believe that something is true or right convincing evidence of his guiltwholly/utterly/totally etc convincing Courtenay played the role in an utterly convincing way.2 convincing victory/winconvincingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
convincingNor is the other alleged prehistoric routeway, the A432, any more convincing.I didn't find any of their arguments very convincing.Jurors thought the defence's arguments were very convincing.The hon. Gentleman is not a very convincing advocate of the policies of youth.No one seemed able to give a convincing answer to my question.There is convincing evidence that smoking causes heart disease.There is no convincing evidence that the tax cut will produce new jobs.Eliot's argument, never entirely convincing in its own age, had by the 1940s ceased to convince altogether.The first reasonably reliable and convincing learning task for Drosophila involved training them using just this sense of smell.Investigators have not found a convincing motive for the crime.Archeologists found convincing proof that the Vikings had landed in North America.The most convincing recent estimate records a fall in that proportion from 77 percent in 1905 to 61 percent in 1916.Lets hope for a convincing win.wholly/utterly/totally etc convincingEach has something to commend it and yet each in turn is not totally convincing.In the role of every woman's ideal gynaecologist, he was utterly convincing.It's foolproof, watertight, totally convincing.Rhianon's account, I think, is wholly convincing.During this stage you are seeking to make the report utterly convincing and readable.They provide a wholly convincing study of the way white Rhodesians were weakened by their own propaganda.
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