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convulsioncon‧vul‧sion /kənˈvʌlʃən/ noun [countable]  1 MISHAKEa shaking movement of your body that you cannot control, which happens because you are ill syn seizure His temperature was very high and he went into convulsions.2 [usually plural] a great change that affects a country the 19th-century political convulsions in France3 be in convulsions
Examples from the Corpus
convulsionPotential lethal cardiac arrhythmias and convulsions are recognised complications of both iatrogenic and self inflicted overdoses.Pure wintergreen oil can cause convulsions if it is eaten.The only treatment is symptomatic and supportive therapy and using sedatives to control convulsions.There are signs of impaired consciousness or confusion and even convulsions.The baby was sweating and crying. She started to have convulsions again.What larks and japes persuaded this audience to collapse in convulsions is a mystery as dark as the Druids' Runes.Andrew died after taking the drug, which had caused him to go into convulsions.Neonatal convulsion is an uncommon problem but one that is potentially serious.He then had a number of convulsions, and it was a very worrying time for us all.Half the country is starving, and that is a recipe for massive political convulsions.The idea was tested by using drugs which produced convulsions.We never discovered the reason for that convulsion, and he never had another.went into convulsionsHis Adam's apple went into convulsions every time he swallowed and his lips were unusually full.At five minutes to four, Grégoire went into convulsions.The shock had been too great, though, and its heart went into convulsions.
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