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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconvulsivecon‧vul‧sive /kənˈvʌlsɪv/ adjective [usually before noun]  VIOLENTa convulsive movement or action is sudden, violent, and impossible to control a convulsive sobconvulsively adverb Con’s body jerked convulsively.
Examples from the Corpus
convulsiveHe began to cough in rasping barks that became horribly convulsive before eventually subsiding.The coup led to convulsive changes in U.S.-Central American relations.But if the article appears less than earth-shaking, getting it into print proved a convulsive experience for the Sun newsroom.A convulsive fit so that his thin frame shook.For Francesca, who's almost 3, suffers from a brain disorder which triggers off convulsive fits.She seized the handle, but the impetus was too great, and it was wrenched from her convulsive grasp.One convulsive shudder, and he was no more.His feet made a quick convulsive shuffle.The only sound in the house is the occasional last convulsive sob from the top of the stairs.
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