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1 verb
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cook1 S2
1 [intransitive and transitive]DFC to prepare food for eating by using heat:
Where did you learn to cook?
Cook the sauce over a low heat for 10 minutes.
cook a meal/dinner/breakfast etc
I'm usually too tired to cook an evening meal.
cook something for supper/lunch/dinner etc
He was cooking rice for supper.
cook somebody something
She cooked them all a good dinner every night.
cook (something) for somebody
I promised I'd cook for them.
slices of cooked ham
a cooked breakfast
2 [intransitive]DFC to be prepared for eating by using heat:
He could smell something delicious cooking.
Hamburgers were cooking in the kitchen.

cook the books

to dishonestly change official records and figures in order to steal money or give people false information:
The Government was cooking the books and misleading the public.

be cooking

informal to be being planned in a secret way:
They've got something cooking, and I don't think I like it.

be cooking (with gas)

spoken used to say that someone is doing something very well:
The band's really cooking tonight.
fry (in oil)
(in hot water)
(bread and cakes in an oven)
(meat or vegetables in an oven)
(using a microwave oven)
/broil American English (using a grill)
, toast, simmer, poach, barbecue, stir-fry, saute, chargrill

raw (not cooked)
(used about meat that has been cooked for a short time)
(used about meat that has been cooked for a long time)
cook cookbook, recipe, culinary

cook something ↔ up

phrasal verb
1DFC to prepare food, especially quickly:
Every night he cooked up a big casserole.
2 informal to invent an excuse, reason, plan etc, especially one that is slightly dishonest or unlikely to work:
the plan that Graham and Dempster had cooked up

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