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cool it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcool itcool itspoken a) CALMused to tell someone to stop being angry, violent etc Come on now – calm down, cool it. b) TRY TO DO OR GET somethingto stop putting as much effort into something, or pressure on someone, as you have been He was getting more serious about her. It was time to cool it. cool
Examples from the Corpus
cool itIt was time to cool it.Man, this is my way to cool it.Party chiefs told her to cool it.The few black independent aldermen were moving around, helping cool it.The refrigerant carries the heat to the outside coil where the fan cools it, blowing the heat into the outside air.Cool it, guys. Just play the game.When the hopped wort has been cooled it is run to fermenting vessels where it meets its destiny with yeast.As the granite cooled it squeezed out hot fluids containing mineral ores in solution.Fluke found out how cool it suddenly is to not like blacks again.We already know who won, so cool it with the promos.
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