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cool your heels

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcool your heelscool your heelsWAITto be forced to wait I’ll put him in a cell to cool his heels for a bit. cool
Examples from the Corpus
cool your heelsBasically, if you believe the law of averages, 1996 should be a year for mutual funds to cool their heels.If a man was workshy and mutinous I would put him in a cell to cool his heels for a while.He was ushered forward after cooling his heels for four minutes.I had to cool my heels in a long line at the checkout.As things turned out, I had a week to cool my heels in New York.Our sources, who are cooling their heels waiting for chips, continue to think Intel is having problems making the parts.His office says he has kept at least 20 top-flight journalists and analysts cooling their heels waiting to interview him since October.
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