Date: 1500-1600
Language: Late Latin
Origin: , past participle of cooperari, from Latin co- ( CO-) + operari 'to work'


co‧op‧e‧rate also co-operate British English [intransitive]
1 to work with someone else to achieve something that you both want
cooperate in/on
The two universities are to cooperate in the development of a new industrial process.
They agreed to co-operate with Brazil on a programme to protect the rain-forests.
cooperate with
Lions cooperate with each other when hunting game.
As chairman I was anxious to co-operate with Mr Baker as far as possible.
The church seeks to cooperate closely with local schools.
cooperate to do something
Both sides agreed to co-operate to prevent illegal fishing in the area.
2 to do what someone wants you to do
cooperate with
I advised my client to cooperate fully with the police.
If you refuse to co-operate, I'll kill you.

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