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corditecor‧dite /ˈkɔːdaɪt $ ˈkɔːr-/ noun [uncountable]  PMWan explosive used in bullets and bombs
Examples from the Corpus
corditeWesson eliminating the smell of cordite from their. 45s in favor of amaretto potpourri.Donna crouched where she was, the Beretta held close to her, the stink of cordite strong in her nostrils.Was that acrid stink cordite, or just the stink of fear pouring off him?The suppressed sound of the gunfire was still in his ears, and the sweet cordite smell hung at his nostrils.But I think he's got his own little superstition about the cordite.Colin bought the cordite and used it to light fires with.His instant emotion was the actor-manager's: theatrical cordite, writer fire.Uncontained, cordite makes a very good firelighter.
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