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core business/activities/operations etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcore business/activities/operations etccore business/activities/operations etcthe main business or activities of a company or organization The core business of airlines is flying people and cargo from place to place. the company’s core product core
Examples from the Corpus
core business/activities/operations etcAdditionally, entire segments of some companies will be eliminated as companies identify and refocus on their core business.But the single most reliable route to growth is probably to sell off everything but the core business.In all its acquisitions, Guinness has sought business opportunities that have enhanced and strengthened its core activities.To maintain a high quality exploration portfolio focusing on core business areas and under-explored prospective basins.Our strategy is to focus all our resources on the two core businesses of spirits and beers.None was big enough to become the core business of the company, Ousley says.Will it be able to manage an acquisition outside its core business -- one in no need of fixing?This meant it could concentrate on two core businesses - security printing and heating and bathroom products.
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