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core curriculum/subjects/skills etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcore curriculum/subjects/skills etccore curriculum/subjects/skills etcsubjects that have to be studied at a school or college the national core curriculum the core subjects of English, maths, and science Schools have to deliver the core skills.see thesaurus at main core
Examples from the Corpus
core curriculum/subjects/skills etcAnd it was certainly an improvement on my thoughts about the core curriculum.This could be construed as a tailor-made curriculum, which can not be developed into a generic or core curriculum.Once in the classroom the teacher is restricted by the core curriculum and general workload and lack of equipment.Every student must pass through an extensive core curriculum, including courses such as World Humanities 101.In designing the programme, we have tried to emphasise the vocational aspects of the core skills modules wherever possible.In schools that expect all students to take a core curriculum, students achieve more.In the school system, aspects of core skills were present in the Munn curriculum, introduced in the late 1970s.
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