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core values/beliefs

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcore values/beliefscore values/beliefsIMPORTANTthe values or beliefs that are most important to someone the core values of American liberalism, such as taxing the rich to help the poor core
Examples from the Corpus
core values/beliefsBanished from the official organizational history, the memory of these unpleasant side effects lingers in the form of unhealthy core beliefs.Organizational fears are emotional responses to core beliefs.What made Reagan extraordinary, beyond his communicative skills, was his resolute adherence to core beliefs.That something is whether or not your organization has a healthy system of valid core beliefs and realistic fears.If both core beliefs and the actions they inspire are healthy, the organization will ultimately succeed in achieving its long-term goals.Because they describe an objective reality, descriptive core beliefs are simply valid or invalid.Actions are core beliefs put into practice.Above all, it requires the steady cultivation of healthy core beliefs that will shore up the organization when setbacks occur.
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