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corkscrewcork‧screw1 /ˈkɔːkskruː $ ˈkɔːrk-/ noun [countable]  cork.jpg DFUDFDa tool made of twisted metal that you use to pull a cork out of a bottle
Examples from the Corpus
corkscrewIn the drawer beneath the gas-ring - a few grey pieces of cutlery, a corkscrew and a lot of corks.He opened it, after sorting through the kitchen drawers for a corkscrew with an assurance that annoyed Fabio.So boss, I say we move in on the Zinfandel Gang now and stick a corkscrew in them.I worked the corkscrew in as far as it would go.
corkscrewcorkscrew2 adjective [only before noun]  BENDtwisted or curly syn spiral corkscrew curls
Examples from the Corpus
corkscrewSadly, there is no parking on a corkscrew bend.Without mountain ranges, steep cliffs or rough and bumpy cross-country routes, there are seldom natural features such as corkscrew bends.corkscrew pasta
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