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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcornucopiacor‧nu‧co‧pi‧a /ˌkɔːnjəˈkəʊpiə $ ˌkɔːrnəˈkoʊ-/ noun [singular]  1 AVa container in the shape of an animal’s horn, full of fruit and flowers, used to represent a time when there are large supplies of food2 LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT literary a lot of good thingscornucopia of a cornucopia of delights
Examples from the Corpus
cornucopiaSecondly, it is often argued that farm workers are compensated for their low wages by a cornucopia of payments in kind.Cable would offer a cornucopia of arts performances, serious drama, science, and quality programs for children and the elderly.Most of them believe the golf cornucopia just grew, like Topsy.What mixed cornucopia will the blossoming of full information control bring about?For Elizabeth Gould, however, this ornithological cornucopia right on the doorstep did not hold the same all-encompassing fascination.Partiya's cornucopia of consumer items is priced in dollars.The composer must be pleased, therefore, by this cornucopia of recent recordings.I was in Heaven, smelling everything, grinning from east to west with the salivary promise of an upended cornucopia.
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