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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcornycorn‧y /ˈkɔːni $ ˈkɔːrni/ adjective  USE somethingtoo silly and repeated too often to be funny or interesting corny jokes I know it sounds corny, but I dream about her every night.
Examples from the Corpus
cornyHart is an amiable and enthusiastic guide, if a little corny at times.And for once the finale - everyone coming together to sing Dylan's Chimes of Freedom - seemed not corny but exactly right.It may sound corny, but I enjoy helping people.It may sound corny, but the simple fact is, it works.As if in a corny fiction, it is in the gents that we first identify each other and introduce ourselves.a corny Hollywood romanceHe says a lot of corny retro jive that used to go over big in the 1970s.For instance, she notes that sunsets may now look corny too much like photographs of sunsets.
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