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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcorollaryco‧rol‧la‧ry /kəˈrɒləri $ ˈkɔːrəleri, ˈkɑː-/ ●○○ noun (plural corollaries) [countable] formal  RESULTsomething that is the direct result of something elsecorollary of/to Is social inequality the inevitable corollary of economic freedom?
Examples from the Corpus
corollarySurprisingly, environmental improvement has been a corollary to economic growth.She is remembered largely for her pioneering ` dancing modernism, a corollary to abstract expressionism.Of course, a basic corollary of the theory is that deep drilling should uncover a portion of these massive methane resources.I refer to the federal corollary.One important corollary of this new integration Nietzsche had not mentioned in his letter to Rohde.A rapid increase in population would be a natural corollary of any such changes in the birth control program.The government has promised tax cuts, but the corollary of this is that there will be a reduction in public services.At 81d is the corollary that souls partially pure remain in the visible world.Huge increases in unemployment were the corollary of the government's economic policy.The corollary is that acquiring an addiction is tantamount to relieving oneself of personal responsibility.The corollary was just as true: elimination of nuclear weapons would require a return to National Service.corollary of/toHere it is necessary to look at it briefly as a corollary of ahi.One such condition is a corollary of the Principle of Contradiction, and may be stated as follows.The biological corollary of this is that blocking antibodies against ICAM-1 have been shown effectively to prevent allograft rejection.Thus the following theorem is a easy corollary to Lemma 3.One important corollary of this new integration Nietzsche had not mentioned in his letter to Rohde.The parliament was, in fact, the religious corollary of the White City.Thus was violence established as the corollary of dissidence.The corollary of that is that a higher proportion of their income is spent on tobacco products.
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