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coronarycor‧o‧na‧ry1 /ˈkɒrənəri $ ˈkɔːrəneri, ˈkɑː-/ adjective  MHBrelating to the heart syn cardiac coronary disease
Examples from the Corpus
coronaryLate opening of an occluded coronary artery may also have some beneficial effect.That includes 459,841 from coronary heart disease and 158,448 from stroke.Thus the impact of an increased risk of coronary heart disease associated with poor dental health could be substantial.Gingivitis did not increase the risk of coronary heart disease, whereas periodontitis or having no teeth increased it by about 25%.All the senior partners in his law firms had flirtations with coronary incidents except him.But the results are so late in arriving that they will have only a limited influence on national policies for coronary prevention.A coronary thrombosis, the doctor had called it.After some time he died, coronary thrombosis.
coronarycoronary2 noun (plural coronaries) [countable] informal  if someone has a coronary, their heart suddenly stops working because the flow of blood to it has been blocked by a small piece of solid blood syn heart attack
Examples from the Corpus
coronaryWhen Wall Street has indigestion, the world's market economies are checked out for coronaries.They are a hell-broth of ideas to provoke coronaries and hair loss in middle-aged civil servants.Two of her brothers had died with coronaries.
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