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coronetcor‧o‧net /ˈkɒrənɪt $ ˌkɔːrəˈnet, ˌkɑː-/ noun [countable]  DCJPGa small crown worn by princes or other members of a royal family, especially on formal occasions
Examples from the Corpus
coronetThey rise, a coronet of tops, beyond the glitter and goo of Strath Bran, looking quite unapproachable.The Green Man wore a coronet of leaves and a girdle of stems at his waist.a coronet of flowersShe is much better suited to this B format, and coronet is reissuing its titles in B during this year.Kind hearts and coronets ruled and that was fine, but to Burton it was a closed shop.The cap badge worn at the turn-of-the-century was a white metal normal light infantry stringed bugle-horn surmounted by a ducal coronet.In the centre of each was a monogram in gold, the lettering shaped like a small shy coronet.The leaderene went down with a satisfying thump, her spiked coronet falling off.She slipped off the coronet, and let the airship go dead.
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