Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of corporare 'to make into a body', from corpus; CORPUS


Related topics: Companies, Organizations
cor‧po‧rate W2 [only before noun]
1BBC belonging to or relating to a corporation:
The company is moving its corporate headquarters (=main offices) from New York to Houston.
Vince is vice-president of corporate communications.
Corporate America is not about to be converted to the environmentalist cause.
changing the corporate culture (=the way that people in a corporation think and behave) to accept family-friendly policies
an advertising campaign intended to reinforce our corporate identity (=the way a company presents itself to the public)
the yacht can be hired for corporate hospitality (=entertainment provided by companies for their customers)
2 shared by or involving all the members of a group:
corporate responsibility
3SSO used to describe a group of organizations that form a single group:
The university is a corporate body made up of several different colleges.
corporately adverb

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