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cor‧po‧ra‧tion S3 W2 [countable]
1BBC a big company, or a group of companies acting together as a single organization:
He works for a large American corporation.
multinational corporations
the Siemens Corporation
corporation tax (=tax that companies have to pay on their profits)
2 an organization or group of organizations that work together for a particular purpose and are officially recognized as one:
the New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation
a housing corporation
3PGP British English old use a group of people elected to govern a town or city [= council]
WORD FOCUS: company WORD FOCUS: company
similar words: firm, business

a big company: corporation, multinational, conglomerate

an Internet company: dot-com

a company that is owned by a larger company: subsidiary, affiliate

abbreviations used in company names: Ltd (Limited)
(Public Limited Company) British English, Pty. (Proprietary) used in Australia and South Africa

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