Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: correspondre, from Medieval Latin, from Latin com- ( COM-) + respondere ( RESPOND)


Related topics: Mail
cor‧re‧spond [intransitive]
1 if two things or ideas correspond, the parts or information in one relate to the parts or information in the other:
The two halves of the document did not correspond.
correspond with/to
The numbers correspond to points on the map.
2 to be very similar to or the same as something else
correspond to
The French 'baccalauréat' exam roughly corresponds to British Alevels.
correspond closely/exactly/precisely to something
The description of these events corresponds closely to other accounts written at the time.
3TCM to write letters to someone and receive letters from them:
For the next three years they corresponded regularly.
correspond with
She stopped corresponding with him after the death of her mother.

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