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corridorcor‧ri‧dor /ˈkɒrədɔː $ ˈkɔːrədər, ˈkɑː-/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 TBBa long narrow passage on a train or between rooms in a building, with doors leading off itin the corridor We had to wait outside in the corridor until our names were called.down/along the corridor She hurried down the corridor. Go down here and the bathroom’s at the end of the corridor.2 SGa narrow area of land between cities or countries that has different qualities or features from the land around it the industrial corridor that connects Querétaro with Mexico City3 corridors of power
Examples from the Corpus
corridorOnce properly tagged and escorted, the visitor passes the initial checkpoint and walks along a corridor into the Headquarters Building lobby.A corridor led from the old schoolrooms to a modern building.This industrial corridor connects Queretaro with Mexico City.We were led down a long corridor in the airport terminal.You will not believe how many elevators you will go lip, how many corridors you will walk down.The Northeast corridor from Washington to Boston is Amtrak's busiest region.Desmond Fairchild and Dotty Blundell were heard arguing in the corridor, though no one could be sure what was at issue.She kept giving lifts to boys in the corridors and provided chairs for those standing in the queues.The twin doors sighed open, and Manville stepped slowly out into the corridor.They moved up the corridor, their footfalls against the bare boards sending out hollow echoes.down/along the corridorAway along the corridor from the Colonel's office, a man screamed.They head back along the corridor.A couple of the doors further down the corridor were shut, and appeared to be locked.Sucking in a lungful of cold air, Piper moved once more down the corridor.I moved down the corridor, as instructed, and rounded the elevators to the bank on the far side.The others nodded, made agreeable sounds, and drifted off down the corridor.She opened the door and watched him move off down the corridor.He got off the elevator and went down the corridor to the juvenile bureau.
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