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corridors of power

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcorridors of powercorridors of powerPOWERthe places where important government decisions are made corridor
Examples from the Corpus
corridors of powerMilitary strategists plotted war scenarios in their air-conditioned corridors of power.It happens out on the streets, behind closed doors, in corridors of power, in the seat of government.If a Spencer never quite reached the commanding heights, they certainly walked confidently along the corridors of power.Equally, who is fighting our case in the corridors of power?The sound of resolutely clicking heels in the corridors of power have been silenced.His laziness became a legend in the corridors of power.Parke doesn't deny it, noting a shift from protesting outside bases towards well-mannered lobbying in the corridors of power.This gave her the entrée into many whispering galleries of politics and the drawing-rooms if not the corridors of power.Her path led from the humblest corner of Houston to the corridors of power.
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