Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, from com- ( COM-) + rumpere 'to break'


1 adjective
1 using your power in a dishonest or illegal way in order to get an advantage for yourself [≠ incorruptible]:
Corrupt judges have taken millions of dollars in bribes.
2 immoral or dishonest:
a corrupt society
officials engaged in corrupt practices
3 something that is corrupt is not pure or has been damaged or partly ruined:
corrupt data
corruptly adverb
corruptness noun [uncountable]
very bad: awful, terrible, horrible, lousy informal, appalling, ghastly, atrocious, horrendous

bad, but not very bad: not very good, mediocre, second-rate, so-so, lacklustre

of bad quality: shoddy, inferior, poor quality, cheap, crummy informal

bad at doing something: be no good at something

very bad at doing something: hopeless, terrible, useless, lousy informal, incompetent

morally bad: evil, wicked, immoral, corrupt, sick, perverted, degenerate

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