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cortexcor‧tex /ˈkɔːteks $ ˈkɔːr-/ noun (plural cortices /-təsiːz/) [countable]  HBMthe outer layer of an organ in your body, especially your braincortical /ˈkɔːtɪkəl $ ˈkɔːr-/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
cortexInterestingly, this is also true of mammals from which the auditory cortex has been removed.With the collapsed lung and the damaged cerebral cortex?The major growth of cerebral cortex, as our ancestors became fancier and fancier primates, was sideways.But even if the totals were constant across individuals, the subtotals would still vary between different parts of the cerebral cortex.Rats have less than a square inch of cortex, less than humans by a factor of 500.The next level of control is the upper motor neuron with cells of origin in the sensorimotor cortex.The eyes transmit electrical signals to the visual cortex in the brain.The normal stabilising mechanisms are out of control and the whole cortex becomes involved.
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