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cosmetic surgery

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cosmetic surgerycosˌmetic ˈsurgery noun [uncountable]  DCBMHmedical operations that improve your appearance after you have been injured, or because you want to look more attractive syn plastic surgery
Examples from the Corpus
cosmetic surgeryWe talked about cosmetic surgery and we asked to see the scars.I have seen too many people who have looked odd after cosmetic surgery.Health authorities have already begun to restrict services, most commonly removal of tattoos and cosmetic surgery.Have cosmetic surgery every two years?It would be so even if cosmetic surgery were painless, which it most definitely is not.The aim is to tell the surgeons about a survey which shows the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery.Women who undergo cosmetic surgery still far outnumber their male counterparts.More women are now undergoing cosmetic surgery more and more often.
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