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cosmologycos‧mol‧o‧gy /kɒzˈmɒlədʒi $ kɑːzˈmɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  HAthe science of the origin and structure of the universe, especially as studied in astronomy
Examples from the Corpus
cosmologyLike Galileo, he was committed to the Copernican system as a cosmology and not merely as a mathematical hypothesis.It amounts to a cosmology as hermetic as Blake's.An alternative cosmology is the Hartle / Hawking model, which does not assume a background space-time in which the universe arises.In the sixteenth century, opposition to the religious implications of Copernican cosmology came initially from the Reformation.So this is Democritus' cosmology - a universe ruled largely by chance.From this demotion, the modern age came to feel severed from cosmology as no other culture had ever felt before.Copernicus suspected that there was an essential error in Ptolemaic cosmology.In an attempt to get data from this natural laboratory, particle physics has become ever more entwined with cosmology.
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