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cost-benefit analysis/study/approach

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcost-benefit analysis/study/approachcost-benefit analysis/study/approachtechnicalBB a way of calculating the methods or plans that will bring you the most benefits (=advantages or help) for the smallest cost, especially in business cost-benefit
Examples from the Corpus
cost-benefit analysis/study/approachDoes this enable the court to take into account the comparative social utility of the product and apply a cost-benefit analysis?The port should have the results of a cost-benefit analysis within 120 days, Bowman said.Any careful cost-benefit analysis will show that every social practice and institution has limitations and presents difficulties as well as opportunities.Easing actions were subject to an instant cost-benefit analysis.Few laws require cost-benefit analysis for new rules and many actively prohibit it.Environmental intangibles have been built into the cost-benefit analysis in the same way as they are for road schemes.The third approach to merger policy is the cost-benefit approach.Economists have long been calling for safety regulations to be subject to cost-benefit analysis.
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