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cost somebody their job/life/marriage etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcost somebody their job/life/marriage etccost somebody their job/life/marriage etcLOSE/NOT HAVE ANYMOREwhen something makes you lose your job etc Joe’s brave action cost him his life. His strong stand on the issue could have cost him his job. Bad management could be costing this club a chance at the title. cost
Examples from the Corpus
cost somebody their job/life/marriage etcAnd, for those who work in the travel and tourism industry, this tax could cost them their jobs.His plans to slash defence budgets by £6 billion would cost 100,000 more their jobs.It could cost them their lives.I believe that it would cost many people their jobs and would cause far more damage than good.The most far-reaching internal investigation in Phoenix police history cost four officers their jobs Friday for purchasing banned rifles under false pretenses.
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